During the past year the Government of Greece has introduced a number of new regulations and incentives, with the intention of attracting non–EU residents to invest through various options including buying property. In return, investors acquire a Schengen visa through investment.

Greece besides its geographical location, excellent climate and low prices on properties, Greece gives any Immigration Permit holder immediate access to Europe due to its membership in the Schengen agreement.

The main criteria required to apply for an Immigration Permit in Greece are:

  • Acquisition of property of a minimum of € 250.000
  • Or rent of property for a minimum of 10 years that will result into a total cost of € 250.000
  • Clean criminal record

Our company with its associates in Athens offers high quality properties together with all necessary administrative services required by non-EU citizens who may be interested in obtaining permanent residency in Greece. Up to now we completed more than 42 cases with success.

For more information check out this document.